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Johanna Barbara Sattler

The Converted Left-Hander


The Knot in the Brain

Converting the innate handedness is a most violent attack on the human brain: the predominant use of the non-dominant hand, especially for writing, often leads to very serious disorders and irritations in the brain. In most cases individuals thereby get under enormous strain, affecting them for the rest of their lives.

The book describes in detail the various forms in which a person's handedness can be converted. It presents a large number of individual biographies, analyzing the different ways in which the personality may develop following conversion. Such analysis affords a well-founded insight into research findings in medical science and in the theory of education. The book also presents many practical aids for individuals affected and for professional groups faced with left-handedness and converted handedness in children and adults. Aids and tips are also offered for use in the daily work of pediatricians and experts in medical pedagogy, for ergotherapists and mototherapists, nursery, pre-school and school teachers, and also for psychologists. Hints are given regarding some psychosomatic disorders, which especially family doctors and internists are often confronted with (see the included article "'Ambidextrous People' are Brain-Damaged" plus many examples, the thesis Postulates Derived from Research Findings, as well as Some Thoughts after Confronting the Data Accumulated and the Research Studies).

The book includes a knowledgeable discussion on the risks and chances of reconverting handedness, which is mainly aimed at writing with the dominant hand.

The book in German language is published in:

Auer Verlag, Donauwörth, 1995, 8th edition, 2003, ISBN 3-403-02645-0, 384 pages

More details in the foreword to the book Dr. Ivo-Kurt Cizek, Dipl.-Psych., M.A. (Soz.).

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